Transgender Support Group

The transgender support group has been going strong for several months. We have active members who have been meeting friends and connecting for additional support. The group uses a technique I am currently developing with the acronym SAVE. Support, Affirm, Validate, and Encourage. The group is a safe place to receive these vital and sometimes life-saving skills. Please contact me if you would like to participate in group or have questions. It is an open group and new members are welcome.

Group Counseling Coming Soon!

The transgender support group will be starting in November. In order to participate each member must have an initial session with me and must have a counselor outside of the group. Counselors can be from the community and maintaining an individual counselor is mandatory for participation. This is important as the group may discuss topics which a member may want to continue to process outside of group and having the additional support helps a great deal. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you

Pet Therapy with Sophie!

Pet Therapy with Sophie!

Pet therapy will be part of YES Counseling in the Spring. At this time, Sophie Guglielmi is still in training for her certification and can be seen wandering around the office from time to time. She is a non-shedding, Mini Poodle who is very social, with an excellent temperament, and a great sense of style. She is, however, working on “not barking” to become a permanent member of our team.