Near Death Experiencers: 

Death is something we all fear. Coming close to dying can happen. Sometimes, some of us have unusual experiences. Things we can’t quite explain, feel comfortable sharing, find it weird or something other people may not understand. As an intuitive person myself, who has had a wide range of psychic experiences, finding a therapeutic space is essential. It is in these spaces that you can connect and find the answers within. Develop your own intuition and self awareness. Using transpersonal psychology, I help many patients understand spiritual growth and transformation. I have a strong clinical interest in working with people who have had the following:

Types of experiences:

Near-death experience : https://youtu.be/aSntDuGkfKg?feature=shared
Extra sensory perception
Lucid dreaming
Out of body
Remote viewing
Energy work
Contact Modalities
Consciousness & Contact


If you are interested in participating in a group please contact me. If you or a family member are interested in individual counseling kindly reach out. My interest is in learning more about individual experiences and gaining a deeper understanding. See the link regarding a Jung perspective on the Ego and near death experiences: https://youtu.be/BPji9B4E-os?feature=shared  The link above is an interview by Evan Alexander and other experiencers. How might these experiences change someone? What does a persons past spiritual or religious experiences help to support these experiences? How to communicate your story to others? Do other people have similar experiences? These are the common questions that are important to integrate into your unique story. How people are responded to when they first confide in a person will make a significant impact in how they later integrate the experience. What might be, how can you make sense of such extraordinary experiences. By making and creating meaning out of your experiences even if they do not fit into the day to day usual experiences is an important part of your therapy. Sometimes these experiences defy science and the ordinary state of mind.

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